Mission – Overseas

  • Geon Christian Children’s Home in South Korea. This is run by a wonderful servant of Christ, Doctor Chae, who is acting father to hundreds of orphan children and a great man of faith. We particularly sponsor young boy, Lee Hee Sung, who was abandoned but is now greatly cared for in this visionary family.
  • Brian Jennings (with wife, Comfort) is a Church of Christ missionary in Ghana, West Africa. He teaches many young pastors at Ghana Christian College and preaches in remote areas. Some of his students travel far to take the gospel to unreached territories.
  • The Persecuted Church is a particular focus for our church and we support organisations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Barnabus Fund and Open Doors.

Mission – At Home

  • Churches of Christ Nationally are a loose network of missional congregations who are engaged in church planting and new expressions of Church in our current climate. We support our National Director, Dan Yarnell, who teaches at Birmingham Christian College, visits often, and helps facilitate these links and support.
  • Picnic in the Park often involves churches across the town in providing a day full of fun and food for free. We give away burgers and sausages, along with a host of entertainments as a gift to the town.
  • We also support many other local ministries including the Tunbridge Wells Churches Winter Shelter, Soup Bowl, Youth for Christ, Life and Soul, Cross Teach, The Good Neighbour Project, Recovery from Divorce and Separation, Fairtrade…

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